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The Cafe Racer Tank!

Okay, I know it's been a while since I've updated. But I am slowly getting back on the cafe racer project.

I've got here are some tanks I wanted to work with. We have a 1979 CX500 tank (maroon), a Dunstall fiberglass tank, and the original cb750 bas tank. I was contemplating on which tank to use. I first got the CX500 tank because it was an original Honda tank with some nice knee inserts that looked cafe racer - ish. It was metal and it had a fuel tank switch. The only problem was that it was too wide. I had to make custom tank mounts for it to mount on the cb750 frame. It worked until I found a Dunstall tank!

The Dunstall tank had the mounts for the cb750. And it fits perfectly! Here is a comparison photo of the CX500, Dunstall and CB750 tank.

stay tuned for more updates...